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Posted on 20 Feb 2014 15:00

I am sure most of you have finished self assessment (at least filling the form as one can never finish assessing self!!) as a part of the 2nd term report meeting. The whole exercise prompted me also to assess my teaching practices. I have already shared these with you all in the class. But just to remind you of the points which I mentioned,

  • Inclusiveness - To reach maximum (ideally all) number of students at any given point of time in the class
  • Work flow - Systematic work flow with assignments, exploratory questions, hands on, evaluation methods etc
  • Overall development - To facilitate learning beyond academics and classroom.

I am working on the above mentioned points and trying to get systems in place for the same. But as we all know, one cant clap with a single hand. I do appreciate the effort and self reliance each one of you show to learn the subject. I am sure you are putting more efforts as board exams are approaching at least for some of you. But it's time for you to self reflect beyond the self assessment form itself. Here are some pointers which i would like to provide.

  • IT'S NEVER HARD TO CRACK EXAMS - As the term itself indicates, you need to crack exams. Cracking is always easier than building.

Understanding the nature around you is a complex process. It requires curiosity, scientific temper, right facilitators and a lot more things. One needs to be patient to avoid prejudices and biases and have a rational model of the world. Though it's complex, it's fun. A lot more fun than what most of you have imagined. And you have a life time to do that. Do enjoy this journey of unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

But cracking exams is more of a skill. It's like a game. You might be good at it. But understanding the opponent is equally important. So please understand thoroughly how the exams are structured, what skills and concepts are tested and how, how presentation plays a role and a lot more. Please yourself in learning but please the evaluater in an exam.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT - You always have more time than what you think you have. I am going to share a small story on this.

Once a kid goes to a wise man and says, "I never get time to do anything. I always feel the day gets over too quickly". The wise man asks him to fill a empty tumbler with stones. Once he does that, the wise man asks, "Is it full now?". The kid replies, "Yes, of course". He then asks him to take some fine sand the fill the same tumbler. Once he does that, the wise man asks, "Is it full now?". The kid replies, "Yes, of course". He then asks the kid to fill the same tumbler with water. Once he does that, the wise man asks, "Is it full now?". The kid replies, "Yes, of course". By this time, the kid has learnt a lesson.

I am going to leave you with this story. Enjoy and experience the time you have. Manage it slightly for the exams :-)


"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." – Henry David Thoreau

One of the reasons why I am having troubles transacting the subject is the lack of fundamentals. But it's not a trouble to be worried about but a problem to be fixed. Read some lower class books. Make sure you have your basics right. The larger the structure you build with weak foundation, the bigger the impact when it falls down. So please don't neglect this aspect. You can come to me so that I can help you with some books and online resources for this. Khan academy is an excellent resource as an example. I am attaching 2 simple books with this mail also. Rome was not built in a day. So as chemistry. Please take your time but make sure you do it.

Last words on this subject - "Never let exams decide your fate. You decide an exam's fate" . Trust me, It's possible. An exam's fate is lot more predictable than your fate :-)"

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