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Poorna Learning Center

Poorna Learning Center, an alternate inclusive school was started with an idea of imparting stress free, inclusive, hands on and wholesome education. I have been working here from past 4 years handling science subjects, mainly chemistry for IGCSE “O” and “A” levels.

BASE Educational Services Private Limited

Foundation Science and Technology was an initiative taken by BASE to ensure proper understanding of fundamental concepts at an earlier level. It involves thorough teaching of fundamentals mostly the concepts of pre university level including experiments and demonstrations. It was a thorough learning experience both as a teacher and a student.

Cradles of Innovation

Cradles of Innovation Education Society was started by a group of software engineers quitting their lucrative jobs with a mission to remove rote learning from the education system and make it innovation centric, extensive and above all, make it enjoyable. Inspired by the vision, I joined the institution to pursue my passion.

Since I joined during the early days of organisation, apart from teaching students I was involved in formalizing various initiatives to bring about wholesome education for the students. We have had various activity based programs to ensure inductive reasoning among students. Some of our notable programs apart from tutoring where I was involved:

  • Rube Goldberg contraption competitions
  • Making fire by friction
  • Faraday's candle experiments
  • Socratic method of teaching

Other Educational Engagements

  • I am a part of International Junior Science Olympaid question paper setting team at HBCSE.
  • I am a resource person for NSEJS chemistry question paper setting team as a part of IAPT.

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